Emergency Care

If you are currently having a medical emergency, call 911.

Rapid medical evaluations are fast, thorough, and complete.

We’re open all the time—not all emergencies are 9-to-5.

Outpatient Services

At Lafayette Regional Health Center, all of our outpatient services are performed in a professional, comfortable environment.

We offer the following outpatient services to meet your needs:

Acute Care

Lafayette Regional Health Center offers a complete acute care program for patients requiring care at a hospital, including:

Lafayette Regional Health Center’s patient transfer options provide convenient, local care for a major illness or after surgery.

Surgical Care

We understand that there’s no such thing as “routine” surgery and that patients and their families are concerned about surgical care. Lafayette Regional Health Center is equipped to perform procedures such as:

Imaging Services

Our ability to see inside the body to more accurately diagnose disease is among one of the more amazing advancements in modern medicine.

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