Lafayette Regional Health Center (LRHC) has partnered with Stericycle to develop a recycling program for our hospital.

Phase 1 was started at LRHC on Jan. 3, 2012, by placing recycling bins in staff areas.

All employees are encouraged to use these green bins for newspapers, magazines, junk mail, non HIPPA office paper, journals, phone books, aluminum cans, tin & steel cans, plastic water, soda & juice bottles.

The green bins will be lined with either a clear, or green, bag. The housekeepers will exchange the bags during their normal cleaning rounds. As with any trash can, if you find one needing to be emptied, simply replace the liner with one of the clear laundry bags and take the full bag to the big green “Recycling” dumpster behind the hospital.

We will also recycle cardboard. All cardboard boxes need to be broken down before being placed in the dumpster. We are already experiencing an outstanding response to our recycling efforts and finding the dumpster full, but the problem is that it is full of big intact boxes. Box cutters have been ordered and will be stocked in the office supply cabinet in Materials Management department. Please grab a box cutter for your department and cut the boxes down, then take them to the “Recycling” container located at the receiving dock once a day.

LRHC is still recruiting members for a “Green Team” to advance our efforts.

We cannot put any of the following items in the recycling dumpster: patient information, plastic bags, food waste, glass, trash, Styrofoam, wax/coated cartons and cups. If these items are found in our “load”, they will have to treat the entire dumpster load as waste and take it to the landfill.

With success, we will reduce our trash/waste, which results in a healthier environment and reduction in overall waste disposal costs.