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Woody Harlan, MD

Woody Harlan, MD

Dr. J. Woody Harlan is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and has more than 20 years in practice. A member of Kansas City Neurology Associates, Dr. Harlan is affiliated with the American Association for the Study of Headache and the Missouri State Neurological Association. He is a former chair for the department of Neurology and Psychiatry at Research Medical Center. Dr. Harlan has served as a neurology clinical instructor for schools such as the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of Missouri – Kansas City and is a former staff neurologist for the Naval Hospital in Charleston, SC. Dr. Harlan completed his residency at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, MD. Two Thursdays per month, Dr. Harlan is at Lafayette Regional Medical Center.
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I am a member of Midwest Physicians, an integrated, multi-specialty group that strives to provide high quality, compassionate healthcare in a caring, affordable, timely and accessible manner. Our doctors collaborate with patients, their physician colleagues and other healthcare professionals to help ensure each patient’s individual healthcare needs are met.

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Alzheimer's Disease

Bell's Palsy


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Deep Brain Stimulation



Headache or Migraine Management

Lumbar Punctures


Movement Disorders

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


Nerve Conduction Test

Nerve Conduction Velocity - NCV


Parkinson’s Disease

Restless Leg Syndrome - RLS Or Periodic Limb Movement - PLMD

Seizure Disorder



Transient Ischemic Attacks - TIA