Your chances of beating breast cancer increase when detected early, and a mammogram is the single most-effective method of early detection. Lafayette Regional Health Center excels at diagnostic and interventional breast care. We are part of the Sarah Cannon HCA Midwest Health cancer network, which is renowned for breast care and cancer facilities. Breast imaging can help identify abnormal growths, breast cancer, cysts, lumps, and Mastitis. Types of breast imaging includes breast ultrasound and mammogram.

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Softer Mammogram

Lafayette Regional Health Center provides a soft screening pad called Bella Blankets® for each woman's personal use during every screening mammogram. We make it a top priority to ensure your mammogram is comfortable. It's one way we provide the tender, loving care you deserve.

The Bella Blanket soft screening pad does not impair image quality and makes it easier for you to be relaxed, warm and comfortable during your exam. That helps our highly skilled mammography technologists achieve the best possible mammogram.

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