Quality Care Close to Home

Recovering from surgery or an injury can sometimes be challenging for patients and their families. And while your doctor may feel you are ready to leave a hospital’s acute care setting, you may not be quite ready to go home.

The team at Lafayette Regional Health Center understands those situations, and is prepared to help. Our hospital offers a comprehensive range of recovery and rehabilitation — more commonly known as “swing bed” — services to help patients like you return to an active and productive lifestyle after an event such as surgery, injury, or hospitalization for an illness.

Partnering for good health

Lafayette Regional Health Center’s swing bed care team, led by one of the area’s most reputable and skilled rehab and recovery professionals, works closely with your doctor to tailor a recovery or treatment plan for your specific needs. Our high level of care and monitoring help you prepare for your return home and allows the time for putting an appropriate level of home care support in place if needed.

Our swing bed program offers

  • 24/7 hospital-grade nursing care
  • Daily visits by hospital staff members who will work with your doctor to monitor your progress
  • A strong level of communication and partnership with physicians
  • Nurses with specialized training in infusion, IV therapy, wound care, rehab and all other aspects of skilled care
  • Consultation by a certified licensed dietician